Quintis Valestria

Prince of Valestria


In his early 30’s, Quintis shares the trademark genes of the Valestrian royal family. Golden hair, and bright blue eyes, his gaze instills hope into everyone’s eyes. A master swordsman and a genius strategist himself, he has truly made himself worthy as emperor of Valestria. His most redeeming quality however, is his ability to see the light and potential in others. He truly believes in Valestria and its people.


Quintis Marcellius Valestria is the first and only son of Emperor Iustos, and is the true heir to the throne. His only sister, Eilesad, framed him for the murder of their father in order to take the throne for herself and so Quintis resorted to faking his suicide under the facade of a love-pact with Chief Strategist and Navigator Firryn Boltaire and escaped Valestria. Currently, he is hidden in an unknown location and is gathering an army to help take down his sister, the current empress of Valestria. Without the 12 legendary swords however, his claim to the throne is for naught.

Quintis Valestria

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