Houin Maniwa

Leader of the Maniwa Corp


Houin is fairly young, though the sea has made her mark on his appearance. He is not one to be trifled with, and seems to constantly be hiding his true skill. His right eye is covered by an eyepatch and his left is scarred. He wears a large red coat and is adorned with gold, jewels, and blades.


Houin Maniwa is the leader of the Maniwa Corp, a mercenary guild that used to work for Emperor Iustos under the table. They did his dirty work and usually worked as assassins or spies. Each member of the Maniwa Corp has a unique fighting style that they each developed themselves from years of training. It is unknown how long the Maniwa Corp existed, yet records show that they have been around since the days of Astrix Valestria himself. The hierarchy of the Maniwa Corp is a brutal selfish battle to the top and usually the strongest ends up on top, and Houin is no exception. It is said that he is capable of taking down entire armies single handed by those who have witnessed him in combat, and the rest of the Maniwa Corp dare not trifle with him.

Houin Maniwa

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