Firryn Boltaire de Valestria

Former Chief Navigator and Strategist of the Valestria Empire



“I, the masterful strategist I am, have devised a plan!”

Firryn dresses like a noble or royalty, yet not particularly lady like. She has long white hair tied in a pony tail, a fair young face, and a resting face that seems to be always smirking or scheming. She wears an ornate eye patch on her right eye with a symbol unknown to you engraved into it. Her other eye is a vibrant green color. Her voice is small but powerful and she speaks eloquently, as if she belonged to royalty.

As far as her combat adeptness, you have no clue as of yet. Her skills as a navigator and strategist are also quite unknown to you.

(Half-elf, female)


Firryn Boltaire de Valestria, alias Firryn Creeney, is the Chief Strategist and Navigator of the Valestrian Empire. Her true age is unknown, but she looks to be young, barely out of her teens. She, along with Quintis Valestria, Emperor Iustos’s son, was framed for the murder of the Emperor. And so, she and Quintis escaped Valestria, feigning their death’s under the guise of a love-pact suicide, and now are devising to take back the throne by collecting the 12 legendary swords forged by Astrix Valestria.

Firryn Boltaire de Valestria

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