Empress Eilesad Valestria

Empress of Valestria


Typical of the Valestria dynasty, Eilesad shares the blond hair and bright blue eyes of her ancestors, yet her eyes turn blood red in the heat of combat. She is a powerful sorceress and knight and is known for her ever so captivating gaze. Deadly in combat, she often runs head first into battle, decimating everything in her path. With her powerful spells and sword skills, she has lead Valestria to conquer more and more land, leaving it and its people broken and barren. Her conquests will not stop until the world belongs to her.


The newly crowned Empress Eilesad is one of the most vicious conquerors Valestria has ever seen. Her thirst for power has led her to frame her own brother for the murder of her father in order for herself to secure the throne. It is unknown whether the death of Emperor Iustos was caused by Eilesad but Firryn is positive she killed her own father. Now Eilesad rules Valestria as if the people were her puppets to do her bidding, and a dark cloud has fallen over the fate of Valestria.

Empress Eilesad Valestria

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