The Twelve Swords

Setting the Scene
Marooned on an Island

You find yourself awakening on a sandy shore, the sea breeze blowing against your skin, the smell of salt water in the air. You can hear the waves crashing and also, the sound of the jungle behind you, further into the island. You look around, and you are all alone, besides your fellow party members. You look to the ocean and it is vast and endless, or so it seems.

You jog your memory, and you begin to recall how you got here. You remember answering an ad or hearing the request of a young woman named Firryn Creeney to be shiphands and bodyguards for her on a business trip. She kept her business anonymous and her true identity and occupation is unknown to you. Once you arrived to the port, boarding the ship, you were greeted by a man named Houin Maniwa and his band of misfits. Firryn said she hired these mercenaries to aid with the journey, as well as use their ship.

You set sail and Firryn calls you all to the deck halfway through the journey to discuss the plan, but when you reach the deck, Firryn is grappled by Houin, and the rest of the mercenaries formed a circle around you with their weapons drawn. In a quick flash, your vision goes to black as you are knocked unconscious. You awaken to find yourself in your current situation. Just then, from the edge of the forest approaches a worn and weathered Firryn, clothes tattered. Firryn dresses like a noble or royalty, yet not particularly lady like. She has long white hair tied in a pony tail and a fair young face that when resting seems to be always smirking or scheming. She wears an ornate eye patch on her right eye with a symbol unknown to you engraved into it. Her other eye is a vibrant green color. Her voice is small but powerful and she speaks eloquently.

She says "I guess I owe you a more thorough explanation of things"

"My real name is Firryn Boltaire de Valestria. I am the royal strategist and navigator of Valestria. Well, former. I am presumed dead actually. I was with the Emperor Iustos when he died and framed for his murder by his daughter in order for her to take his place. I have a major role in deciding who is the rightful heir and she knew I would vouch against her for reasons I'll explain later, and so the Emperor's death was a great opportunity for her.

I along with the Emperor's son, Quintis, escaped Valestria, under the facade of love-pact suicide. While I don't actually love Quintis, I do believe he is the rightful heir, and so I needed a way to get him back on the throne. After hours of research and planning, I, the masterful strategist I am, devised a way to get Quintis back in Valestria as Emperor.

Do you know the legend of Astrix Valestria and how he founded our great nation? I'll explain. Before Valestria was the mighty empire it is today, it was ruled by Drauk-Nal, the Dragon of Desolation. Drauk-Nal was a powerful ancient Dragon who used his power to enslave the people of our land to do his bidding. Astrix was a humble blacksmith gifted with incredible talent, skill and knowledge. One day, he had a dream and in that dream, it is said that he was visited by a great and powerful god who blessed him with the power to craft 12 swords that together will allow him to defeat Drauk-Nal and save his people. He forged these swords and hands them to 12 of the best warriors of the land, and together they defeat Drauk-nal and liberate the land. The people turned to Astrix to lead them into conquering the lands back from invaders and soon Valestria became the powerful empire it is today. When Astrix died, the original bearers of the 12 swords exiled themselves throughout the world.

To protect the swords from falling into the wrong hands. It is said that only the true heir of Valestria will be able to gather all 12 swords in times of chaos to save the people once again. Now, darkness has befallen onto Valestria. Empress Eilesad will bring our nation into chaos and misery if she is allowed to rule any longer. I've located the whereabouts of 4 of the 12 swords and I am now on a journey to collect them and find the rest in order for Quintis to defeat Eilesad. This Island is actually once of the locations I tracked a sword to. The mercenaries I hired belong to the Maniwa Corp, an organization who worked for the old Emperor and who i thought stayed loyal to the true heir. I guess that's not the case. Anyways, they're probably somewhere on the island looking for the sword now, and they hope to maroon us here once they find it. I need your help to find this sword before the Maniwa Corp do. But first, I need to know more about yourselves so I can formulate a plan."

"Who are you?"

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