Greetings Adventurers

And welcome to the Valestria Empire. Darkness has befallen the empire, as Emperor Iustos has perished from an unknown illness and his daughter Eilesad has taken his throne. Empress Eilesad framed  Quintis, her brother and rightful heir to the throne, and the young and witty Firryn Boltaire, chief strategist and navigator of the empire, for the murder of her father.  And so, to escape persecution, Firryn and Quintis faked their suicide and escaped the empire. Now Firryn must collect the 12 swords forged by the first legendary emperor Astrix Valestria in order to defeat the evil Eilesad and bring Quintis back onto the throne. On her journey to collect the first sword, she enlisted the help of 5 adventurers who now are unknowingly roped into this mighty quest to collect the swords. Will they be able to find all 12 swords and secure the throne? The adventure has just begun….

The Twelve Swords

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